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17/02/2017 15:30
ERC focus on growing next generation of young, talented referees
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Luxembourg, February 17, 2017. The development of young, talented referees was at the centre of the talks that the members of the European Refereeing Commission (ERC) chaired by Luciano Gaspari had at their annual plenary meeting in Luxembourg.

The ERC members and a number of additional Referee Delegates are indeed working closely together in order to identify, grow and develop the next generation of elite Volleyball referees. They are doing so by monitoring their performance at international Volleyball and Beach Volleyball competitions and by providing the necessary guidance so that this young generation of referees can grow and successfully follow in the footsteps of their senior fellows once these retire.

In this regard, the ERC drafted plans for the organisation of a seminar which will be taking place later this year and involve about 20 young Volleyball and Beach Volleyball referees singled out as ‘talented’ by their respective National Federations.

The seminar will involve also a number of European referees who officiated at matches of the Rio 2016 Olympics last year – and these will be sharing not only their knowledge of the game, but especially their experience and know-how they have gained when it comes to performing at the highest level and under stressful circumstances. The guidance provided by these elite, respected referees is likely to be an extremely valuable asset for the younger ones who are still taking the first step of their careers on the international stage.

The ERC members reviewed the work achieved in 2016 and following a continuous assessment of their performances and abilities, they agreed upon the ‘promotion’ of a number of referees to the first and second groups. The ERC are working closely with all European international referees, putting an emphasis on behavioural patterns and on the discipline which are required from a referee in order to live up to his/her role and to contribute to better the overall image of the game.

The ERC are also willing to strengthen their cooperation with the FIVB Rules of the Game and Refereeing Commission in order to standardise the referees’ evaluation process and work on common procedures that can help further grow the quality and consistency of Volleyball refereeing at all levels.

The ERC have planned to work on some adjustments to the Referee Evaluation Form (R-4), so that it reflects the latest developments in the use of match technology (e.g. Challenge System) and on the production of useful guidelines designed specifically for international referees with regard to the implementation and use of technology at international Volleyball and Beach Volleyball competitions.

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